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Credible Personal Loan Review: Is It Legit? Find Out Here!

When you find yourself in need of financial assistance, personal loans can be a valuable tool to help you bridge the gap. However, with numerous lenders available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find a reputable and trustworthy option. That’s where Credible comes in. In this article, we will delve into the world of Credible personal loans, examining their services, pros and cons, pricing, customer reviews, and much more.


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Summary of Credible:

Credible is a free lending connection service that simplifies the process of comparing loans from its 17 partner lenders. Unlike other competitors, Credible focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring that you receive offers from trusted lenders.

By utilizing a simple application and conducting a soft credit check, Credible protects your credit score. Loan amounts, interest rates, and terms are determined based on the lenders you are matched with. Credible personal loans are particularly beneficial for individuals with good credit who seek a swift lender comparison.

Credible Personal Loan Services

Credible offers a range of services to facilitate your borrowing experience. As a loan comparison platform, Credible helps you easily compare loan options from multiple lenders. They act as a connection service, linking borrowers with reputable lenders from their network. Credible streamlines the application process, making it simple and convenient.

Additionally, they utilize a soft credit check, which allows you to view loan offers without impacting your credit score. By partnering with trusted lenders, Credible ensures that borrowers have access to reliable loan options. Overall, Credible’s services aim to provide borrowers with a seamless and efficient way to explore and secure personal loans.

Credible Personal Loans Pricing

Credible’s lending partners offer loan amounts ranging from $600 to $100,000, with annual percentage rates (APRs) varying between 4.60% and 35.99%. However, it is important to note that the final terms and costs are determined by the specific lender you choose. While Credible’s connection service is free, creating an account is required to view the loan offers. It is worth mentioning that not all connection services mandate account creation, which may be a consideration for some borrowers.

Credible Contact Info

If you have any questions or need assistance, Credible provides contact information to reach their customer support team. You can contact Credible through the following channels:

  • Website: Visit Credible’s official website at
  • Email: Send an email to
  • Phone: Contact Credible’s customer support at 1-866-540-6005.

Credible Customer Reviews

Credible has received positive feedback from past users, as evident from its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an A+ rating. Trustpilot, a popular customer review platform, also shows a high satisfaction rate among Credible’s customers, with a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on over 5,289 reviews.

Most customers appreciate Credible’s user-friendly website, the speed of the loan application process, and the satisfaction they experienced with the loan offers they received. Additionally, unlike many other connection services, Credible has garnered no complaints regarding spam calls or telemarketing efforts.


When it comes to finding a reliable personal loan, Credible stands out as a credible option. By offering a streamlined application process, a network of reputable lenders, and a commitment to user satisfaction, Credible provides borrowers with a convenient and trustworthy platform. While the network of lenders may be smaller compared to some competitors, the quality of service and positive customer experiences set Credible apart.

Remember, personal loan terms and costs vary depending on the lender, so it’s essential to carefully review offers and select the one that best fits your needs. With Credible, you can confidently explore loan options without compromising your credit score or dealing with unwanted telemarketing calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Credible Personal Loans.

Credible prioritizes the security of your personal information. They utilize data encryption (transport layer security) to protect sensitive data like social security numbers. Rest assured that your information is handled with utmost care.

Yes, you can still apply for a Credible personal loan with bad credit. While good to excellent credit may increase your chances of approval with most lending partners, Credible’s network includes lenders who may consider applicants with less-than-perfect credit.

 If none of the loan offers meet your requirements, you are not obligated to proceed with any of them. Credible understands that choosing the right loan is important, and they give you the freedom to explore options without any commitment.

Yes, Credible offers loan refinancing options. If you have an existing personal loan with less favorable terms, you can explore refinancing options through Credible’s network of lenders to potentially secure better rates and terms.

The approval and funding time for your loan can vary depending on the lender you choose. While some lenders may offer quick approval and funding, others may take longer. Credible’s platform allows you to compare different lenders and their timelines, helping you make an informed decision.

Yes, you have the flexibility to use a Credible personal loan for various purposes. Whether it’s consolidating debt, covering medical expenses, or financing home improvements, Credible does not place restrictions on how you use the loan funds.

 If you find yourself facing financial difficulties, it is crucial to communicate with your lender directly. Each lender has its own policies and options for borrowers in such situations. Contact your lender to discuss possible solutions, such as modified payment plans or loan extensions.

No, Credible’s connection service is completely free to use. There are no fees associated with comparing lenders or accessing loan offers through their platform. You can explore your options without incurring any additional costs.

Yes, Credible’s application process involves a soft credit check, which does not impact your credit score. This allows you to prequalify and review loan offers without any negative effects on your credit history.

 On average, completing the Credible personal loan application takes approximately two to three minutes. The form asks for basic personal information, such as your annual income and desired loan amount, ensuring a quick and efficient application process.

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